ClientExec is a well-liked billing and support solution, that's used by various website hosting companies as well as their resellers. It's feature-rich and easy to customize, which means that it will enable you to start and manage your own reseller company without any problem. ClientExec will allow you to accept web-based payments through different payment processors or to offer domain registrations and SSL certificates via separate providers, to set prices for web hosting plans and add-ons, to see in-depth stats about the customers in addition to the services they've obtained, and monthly reports on how your company is doing. What's more, ClientExec comes with an integrated ticket system, so that you can provide support to all your clients. If you own an actual company, you can give different levels of access to the management crew, the technical support crew, your sales personnel, etcetera, with various options they'll be able to access and to customize.
ClientExec Billing and Support Software in VPS Servers
In case you do not have an alternative software already, we can provide you with ClientExec completely free with any of our VPS servers. The sole condition is that the VPS plan must be ordered with the cPanel website hosting Control Panel. We will set up ClientExec for you, which will save you not only time and effort, but also money, due to the fact that the copy that you will get will have a full license. In other words, there won't be any limits regarding the period in which you're able to use the app or the features you can access. In case you obtain it straight from its vendor, however, you'll need to pay separately. You can connect ClientExec to the free eNom domain name reseller account that we will also provide you with or to another account with another company. This application will enable you to bill your customers and to offer support to them conveniently for as long as you use the virtual server.
ClientExec Billing and Support Software in Dedicated Servers
We provide ClientExec as a gift with all our dedicated server packages. The one condition is that you need to get the server with the cPanel web hosting Control Panel, since the two pieces of software should be used together. You will not need to pay us even a dime for ClientExec and we'll give you a certified copy of the application devoid of restrictions in terms of the sections and functions you are able to access or the time period in which you can use it. To ease the beginning of your reseller business, you can link ClientExec with the eNom domain reseller account, which we will also supply you with as a gift, which means that you will find everything you'll need from the very beginning and in a single place. When you obtain the aforementioned app directly from a vendor, you will need to pay a couple of hundred dollars, not to mention the fact that you will have to install it yourself afterwards, while when you take advantage of our deal, we can install it for you.