If you’re a site owner, a problem could always emerge and it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the hosting service itself. For instance, something can go wrong when you update a script or some important data could be edited or erased by chance. Regardless of what the essence of the problem might be, you’ll have to touch base with the respective help desk support staff and request them to restore a backup or to assist you in resolving the problem that you’re facing. How fast they’ll do it will determine the time that your websites will be inaccessible. For given websites such as community portals or web stores, a continuous downtime duration too often means losing users and cash. Thus, it is of vital importance that you use the services of a company that provides not only a very good tech support service, but also a prompt one.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Hosting
If you are using one of our hosting and you have a question or bump into a certain problem, you can touch base with us 24x7x365 by opening a technical support ticket or by writing an email and we guarantee that you will have an answer in no more than sixty minutes. In case the issue can be sorted out, we’ll do it before we reply, whereas if there is something that you have to do on your end, we will provide you with all the necessary info – what settings to check, what possible solutions to try out, etc. Typically, you’ll obtain a response within maximum thirty minutes, so waiting for hours or even for more than 1 day to receive assistance is something unthinkable. Our 1-hour response time guarantee is valid for any query that you might have – technical, general or billing.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers
With a semi-dedicated server plan from our company, you can take full advantage of our stunningly fast support service. You will get a reply to any ticket opened via the hosting Control Panel or email sent to our customer and tech support staff within the hour. The response time is guaranteed and it applies regardless of the issue – technical or billing. Often, it takes considerably less time to investigate and fix a problem. We will give you more info in case the solution entails something that should be done on your end. In case you touch base with us during weekends or public holidays, the response time will be the same and given the fact that our support team is on duty 24-7, you will get timely help for any general, technical or billing issue regardless of what time it is.